How did we get here?

OUR ORIGINS: Brother Brad Martin

Catch His Vibes was born in the heart of Brad Martin and is still beating and alive today.  Brad designed our logo about 12 years ago and shared it with me. We had many discussions about the power of the message and the potential to touch many, one person at a time. Brad would say, “If we could just change one, all is good.”  With Brad’s charge to take this message and run, Catch His was born.  Our vision is to support various Christian organizations through this ministry. Brad’s family will be one of them.  We hope that you will lock arms with us and not just “catch” His vibes…but “share” them! If we change one, “all is good.” 

Brad Martin met the criteria of “brother”.  Few people in this world are a true brother or sister.  No matter the distance or time between us, I could always call him brother. Brad was a best friend, a believer in Jesus Christ, someone you could trust, and an incredible listener.  He was always pleasant and calm in the face of adversity and would always say, “all is good.”  Brad met many challenges in life.  His daughter had multiple brain tumors, and Brad always believed that God was in control.  Brad’s business was going well and he started having mini strokes. But his attitude and faith were steady and he continued to say, “all is good.” In the fall of 2019, Brad was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Throughout many conversations during that period, understanding the many challenges and the sickness he was facing, Brad’s comment was always, “I love you brother. All is good.”  The week before Brad went to meet his Maker in March of 2020, he called me and something deep inside me knew that this was our goodbye.  He said “I love you” multiple times during that conversation and that he couldn’t wait for the day that we would get together. I think he knew that we would be together again one day on the other side of Heaven.  

                                                              – Robert Hutchinson 

Brother Brad Martin

Brad Martin and his son, Cole