We all know too well that children don’t come with instruction manuals!  So, let’s KEEP IT REAL and get down to the daily grind of practical parenting!  I am excited to honestly share real examples of what worked, and didn’t work for me, my family, and many dear friends.  With 26 years of parenting experience, and 13 years as an educator and coach, I have a unique perspective on raising/teaching young people of all ages!  My weekly podcast is all about “no fluff…real stuff” tips and tricks that you can actually use! 

I have been asked hundreds of times by young mothers, fellow teachers, and parents of my students, to share with them my principles and ideas regarding raising children to be independent, productive young adults.  As a new “empty nester” I felt like this was the perfect time, and platform, for me to help other parents, teachers, and caregivers be more confident in their role of training and raising young people. 

I share in a very transparent way, many emotional, funny, and cringe worthy, stories that really happened to me.  We laugh together, and yes, I’ll sometimes cry as I share my heart and heart aches that go along with raising children.  Believe me, I can’t make this stuff up!  

I have a unique insight into helping children realize it’s THEIR life, it’s THEIR future, and it up to THEM to have a plan, goals, and a realistic view of life and the skills they will need to succeed.  I have raised 2 sons who graduated from college and now are serving their country as officers in the Air Force and Army. I have taught middle and high school kids, and coached all ages, I have seen it all.  I have techniques that work with ALL ages, genders, ethnic groups, and personalities.  It’s really more about what we, as the parents and teachers do, and how we react, than about what the kids do.  It’s up to us to be the leaders God has called us to be.  To train ’em up, love them, teach them, and yes, discipline them too.   

While no one parents perfectly, we can all parent in a very powerful way! 

So join me, and some of my guest parents as we navigate the wonderfully crazy paths of parenting.  No matter what your situation looks like, if you are involved with children in any capacity, this is a great place for you to be! 

Candid Real conversations

…tips and tricks that work and don’t work, in the REAL world of parenting & teaching young people.